Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand

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Smart Desk made of Aluminum alloy, designed to have the highest productivity!

Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand with adjustable height and angle. Easy to keep the line of sight at the same level as the screen.

The surface of aluminum alloy is sprayed with fine sand anodizing process. Excellent damping adjustment, stable and not easy to lose. Non-slip silicone design.

Comfort while typing: If your average data entry clerk makes 40 to 50 keystrokes per minute, 8 hours a day, you can imagine how much time you spend in your life typing.

Most tables and surfaces, however, are not designed with this in mind. If you’re a regular user, your laptop should be at eye level, allowing you to have your back straight and your elbows bent at 90 degrees.

With this laptop stand, you can adjust your body position relative to your computer for the perfect work experience.

  • You’ll be able to have comfortable viewing while sitting or standing
  • The stand is hollowed out to allow air to escape and prevent your laptop from overheating


 Dual rotation system, stable and secure, even while typing quickly.



Fully resealable for space-saving storage.





  • Made of Aluminum alloy materials, which is durable and stable stand, supports weight up to 10KG
  • Lightweight and foldable, this laptop stand works great with 11″-17″ Laptops/Computers, such as Macbook/Dell/Samsung/Acer/Lenovo/ASUS/HP/LG/Thinkpad/Huawei matePad and more.

Materials: Aluminum Alloy and Silicone
Stand height: 530mm
Weight: 1.16Kg
Size: W:295*D:255*H:57mm
Panel Size: 295mm*215mm
Bottom plate size: 200*237mm 

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