UsSmartDesk™ Aluminium Laptop Holder for Notebook

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Our Aluminium Laptop Holder for Notebook is made entirely of aluminum!

The ergonomic design is in place to have the best vision without overloading the lower back and cervical vertebrae. The size makes it practical and comfortable for everyday use.


You can choose among 6 levels of inclination! 

Adjustable Angle: the entire point of a functional laptop stand is being able to adjust the angles, heights, and distances of your device to your body.

    In a 2015 survey, it was revealed that nearly 65% of American adults suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome or eye strain caused by digital screens.

    It’s prompted all sorts of gimmick items to be sold to weary office workers, like computer-specific glasses. Ignore the rest and go for a laptop stand.

    By adjusting your computer’s angle, you can reduce screen glare and protect the health of your eyes.


        Forget back and cervical pains! 

        Better Ergonomics: At its most basic, an ergonomic device is something that helps create both efficiency and comfort.

          For laptops, this means reducing the risk of repetitive stress injury, which happens when you do something mundane like typing on a keyboard over and over again.

          A laptop stand will raise your notebook screen to eye level, preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective.

          Ergonomics is why university students can be found in libraries using laptops elevated by mountains of textbooks. When you’re using an external monitor, a laptop stand will also equalize your notebook’s elevation, making multitasking far easier.


          • The soft silicone allows you to protect your notebook during use
          • Easy to carry, with the supplied case
          • 6 Anti-skid rubber pads
          • 2 protective hooks

          Helps heat dissipation, so your laptop stays cool while you work


          Compatible with 10″-17.3″ laptops/notebooks.

          Storage size: Large: 25.5*4*0.85 cm / Small: 21*4*0.85 cm
          Adjust the gear position: Small (170g)
          Raised height: Large (6-18cm) / Small (4-12cm)
          Suitable size: Large (14-17.3 inch notebook) / Small (11-13.8 inch notebook)
          Bearing capacity: Small (15 kg) 

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