UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand


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Designed to offer maximum comfort, both for productivity and for simple relaxation in your own bed, we present – UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand.

Made of pure and natural 100% bamboo, this table has many smart designs, such as an anti-slip baffle and lifting table legs.


This multi-functional table is suitable for reading, drawing, but above all you can use it as a support for your notebook.

UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand is not just another bamboo table. What sets us apart? It’s the level of comfort, the ability to adjust to your favorite sitting position.

With a comfortable adjustable height, a grip that prevents items from sliding, this table caters to your most personal needs. With features like these, you’re sure to love our design.

A part of the table is carved for the precise purpose of being lifted and used with your laptop, tablet or any other electronic device in your hands. 

Excellent craftsmanship. With flower shaped ventilation holes on surface for timely heat emission. The anti-collision desk horn can prevent you being scratched. The design of a button is used to adjust the table legs.


Material: Bamboo
Color: As seen
Table Extend Length: Approx. 53-58cm / 21inch-23inch
Leg Length: Approx. 17.5-25cm / 6.9-9.8inch
Desk Panel Length: Approx. 49.6cm / 19.5inch
Removable Desk Panel Length: Approx. 32.9cm / 13inch Anti-slip Baffle Length: Approx. 15.8cm / 6.2inch
Drawer Size (L x W): Approx. 17.7 x 7.5cm / 7.0 x 3.0inch
Weight: Approx. 2.2kg

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