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  • Sale! Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand

    Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand


    Smart Desk made of Aluminum alloy, designed to have the highest productivity! Aluminum Alloy Laptop Stand with adjustable height and angle. Easy to keep the line of sight at the same level as the screen. The surface of aluminum alloy is sprayed with fine sand anodizing process. Excellent damping adjustment, stable and not easy to lose. Non-slip…

  • Smart Face Recognition Tracking PTZ Mobile Phone Stand Anchor Live Broadcast Stand


    Overview: 1. AI intelligence, face tracking. 2. 360-degree rotating and tracking, 8 hours long-lasting battery life, built-in lithium battery. 3. Matte material, comfortable to touch. Functions: 1. AI intelligencehumanoid face tracking: 360ᄚrotating and tracking, long-term battery life; 2. 360ᄚ rotation and follow-up: release your hands and keep the most beautiful you; 3. No APP is…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk Aluminium Handy Phone Support

    UsSmartDesk™ Aluminium Handy Phone Support


    Our Aluminium Handy Phone Support is equipped with anti-skid pads, which guarantees stability in use. You’ll be able to read, watch your favorite TV series, listen to music and more without having to worry about stable support. Equipped with a hole for charging your phone without messy cables. Compatible with devices: 3.5″- 8″.

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk™ Aluminium Laptop Holder for Notebook

    UsSmartDesk™ Aluminium Laptop Holder for Notebook


    Our Aluminium Laptop Holder for Notebook is made entirely of aluminum! The ergonomic design is in place to have the best vision without overloading the lower back and cervical vertebrae. The size makes it practical and comfortable for everyday use.   You can choose among 6 levels of inclination!  Adjustable Angle: the entire point of a functional laptop stand is…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk™ Aluminum Portable Notebook Holder

    UsSmartDesk™ Aluminum Portable Notebook Holder


    Our Aluminum Portable Notebook Holder made by the aluminum alloy, possesses multiply angles adjustable function based on your need.  Stylish and Convenient  Smooth aluminum alloy surface with adjustable holders comes with a minimalist design to any comfortable angles for your workstation.  Ergonomic Design The ergonomic design works as a raiser to adjust the laptop to the…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk Aluminum Table Stand

    UsSmartDesk™ Aluminum Table Stand


    This is a portable and detachable laptop stand, which could help organize your desk and protect your cervical spine vertebrae.  Increase your productivity The open aluminum design allows airflow and cooling for your laptop. Two holes are very good for cable arrangement, keep your desktop neat.     Perfect for 10 to 17 inches laptops,…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand

    UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand


    Designed to offer maximum comfort, both for productivity and for simple relaxation in your own bed, we present – UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Adjustable Table Stand. Made of pure and natural 100% bamboo, this table has many smart designs, such as an anti-slip baffle and lifting table legs.   This multi-functional table is suitable for reading, drawing, but above all you can use it as a support…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Charging Stand For Mobile Phone and Watch

    UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Charging Stand For Mobile Phone and Watch


    Charge your smartwatch and phone at the same time and keep an eye on notifications. Compact and efficient, simple design suitable for small spaces.   Optimizing the space helps keep the environment in good order   1.TWO in ONE: Charge For Apple watch and For iPhone simultaneously. 2.Luxury style: High grade wearable Bamboo, smooth texture, delicate and comfortable touch,It…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk Bamboo Stand for laptop and keyboard

    UsSmartDesk™ Bamboo Stand for laptop and keyboard


    This smart stand is made entirely of bamboo. Bamboo is an ecological material that has anti-microbial properties. You can work without clutter wherever you are.   Lightweight It takes very little space Eco-friendly Bamboo stand against plastic stand Bamboo is 100% biodegradable. While a plastic utensil will still be in the landfill when your children’s children have…

  • Sale! Computer Large Mouse Pad

    UsSmartDesk™ Computer Mouse Pad


    Move the mouse over the ultra-smooth surface, with more accurate movements than ever before.     Quality and comfort   Adapts to any table surface Waterproof Highly elastic and soft texture Resistant edge stitching Anti-skid material Antibacterial and healthful Detailed plot

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk™ Foldable High Cooling Stand

    UsSmartDesk™ Foldable High Cooling Stand


    UsSmartDesk™ Foldable High Cooling Stand is a revolutionary laptop stand that will help you keep your neck and back safe during long hours of working. The pedestal for laptop or notebook is ergonomically designed to allow you to work in a natural position, preventing muscle strain and allowing more comfort. It also provides the perfect viewing…

  • Sale! UsSmartDesk Lightweight Laptop Cooling Stand

    UsSmartDesk™ Lightweight Laptop Vertical Cooling Stand


    Our Lightweight Laptop Vertical Cooling Stand stands out because of its revolutionary design and weight – only 205g!   3 levels of inclination and can support a weight of 10 kg Silicone protection, which is suitable for ultra-book or heavier laptops Freedom to Relocate: One of the primary reasons why you own a laptop is portability. Whether it’s…